What is DBT?
You can read more about DBT on our "About DBT" page. 

Do you take insurance?
All of our clinicians are considered out of network, fee-for-service providers. Payment is due at the time that services are provided. Many health insurance plans offer out of network benefits for psychological services, which entitle patients to obtain reimbursement for a percentage of amounts paid. All patients are provided with detailed receipts that they can submit to their insurance providers if they so choose.

How do I know how much my insurance will reimburse?
If you're not aware of your out of network benefits, you may wish to clarify this with your insurance provider before getting started. We are happy to talk further with you about navigating the insurance aspect of your care.

If you have minimal out of network coverage, we have also found that some insurance companies will agree to provide a single case agreement for services at FHWS due the uniqueness of our DBT program. 

What are your fees?
Please feel free to contact Diane Okaly, office manager, to discuss specific fees.

What form of payments do you accept?
We accept cash, check, or credit card. For our groups, we ask that you keep a credit card on record that can be billed monthly.

What should I expect?
We start each therapy relationship with an intake, which will run between 90-120 minutes. For our adolescent patients, we consider it important for them to attend this intake with their parents and be part of the treatment planning right from the start. After that, you can expect your clinician to suggest a treatment plan based on your specific needs.

Most of our patients participate in two sessions a week. This consists of an individual (or family) session, as well as a skills group session. Individual/family sessions typically last 45 minutes, while our groups are 60-90 minutes. You can read more about our groups here.